Monday, October 29, 2012


 With the weather forecast we decided at 10 o'clock Friday night to leave Circle M and head south.  We  got around Baltimore and Washington with no problem and stopped for the night in Virginia at 3 o'clock. We were on the road again at 7 Saturday morning and drove almost through South Carolina.  All along 95 in North Carolina were highway signs warning of strong winds, heavy rains and debris on Saturday night from Hurricane Sandy. We had tail winds which helped us and had no problem from wind or rain.. We expected strong wind and rain Saturday night while we were parked at a Walmart, but there was none. All along 95 we saw caravan after caravan of electric trucks headed north, so help is on the way.
  I drove on Sunday morning for 100 miles, almost through Georgia. Larry drove the rest of the day and the cross winds in Florida was the only weather we experienced. We were set up at Thousand Trails by 5 o'clock. We are on site B 21 and will be here till Nov7, so if anyone else is in Florida stop by and say hello. Our prayers are with everyone in the North East, hope all are safe.
 Godiva found the tree right away and climbed up to look around. We all are glad to be in warm, sunny Florida.

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