Thursday, October 25, 2012


 On Monday when we had the meeting with the staff at the VA Dad expressed a desire to go back home. The doctor handled it very well and suggested we could take him out for a few hours to see the house and to eat.  Since it was going to be a warmer week we decide to do it on Wednesday. We  picked him up about 10:30 and brought him to the house for a "picnic".
 While we had been at the house we had fixed up the garage with a rug and table, a perfect place to gather. We took Mark, Larry's son, with us and Mom's sister Joanie came over.
The family Mom, Georgine, Barb Dad, Trey and Larry. The only one missing was Lynn who had to work. It was a nice visit. Dad did very well getting in and out of the car. We were back at the VA by 2 o'clock. He's hoping to have another outing next week.

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