Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Larry had the RV parked right against the garage in his parents back yard, getting out was a challenge.
 He had to turn to get out the gate and not hit this, I was watching closely.
 I didn't realize the bottom cinder block stuck out further then the top one and the angle I was looking from I couldn't see it, so we got our first scrape
 We pulled out on the side road then we had to back up onto the main street where cars often fly by.  I was to go across the street and stand on the bank and make sure it was all clear. Larry backed up and started to turn unto the road. On the drivers side was this drain ditch and marker.
 He caught the marker with the front  as he turned, and I was looking for traffic not there to help him. Doesn't look to bad does it.
Look again. It 's going to be a pricey repair. Maybe now that the coach has it's first boo boo I will drive more.

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