Monday, November 12, 2012


 Our Blue Heron camping group gathered at Sun Lake RV resort in Ruskin,FL on November 7.
 Thursday night we had a great time at this German restaurant. The food and beer were authentic German and  delicious. We were entertained by a German musician / singer throughout the evening. There was a lot of audience participation. We did some singing and even a little dancing. It was great fun.
 For the pot luck dinner we made a turkey and had an early Thanksgiving feast.
 Our Saturday breakfast was a fun omelet. We took a quart size freezer bag and put our name on it with permanent  marker. We broke in two eggs, closed the bag and squished them. Then we added lots of goodies - olives, peppers, onions, tomatoes, bacon, ham, cheese, sausage,mushroom.
 Marty then put the bags into a pot of boiling water for 12 minutes.( He was the master mind of this meal)
 What a quick, easy and fun way to make omelets for a crowd.
 We always enjoy sitting and chatting.
 Larry conducting his first meeting as MOT (master of travel). Chuck and Tam did great job as our wagon master and mistress/secretary. It was a very enjoyable rally.
 The guys telling tales. Don, by the window on the right, is our newest member. We sure enjoyed having him and Nan join us at this camp out. 
 Some of us went over to the Manatee viewing center.

 It is hard getting a good picture of them, for they just stick their nose out to breathe. Can you see the baby? I think we saw at least 50 manatees but it is hard to count.

 A nature path told you about this estuary and the mangrove trees that grow here.

 We stayed Sunday night and left early Monday morning for an appointment at Lazy Days to get some work done on the RV. Our slide hasn't been closing easily, the inverter has started to make a strange ping pang noise and the front jacks won't retract all the way so Larry has had to put them up manually.
 Since they would have it all day we called Jim and Liz, our NOMADS leaders at Vandemere,NC. They live in Winter Haven and we met them at Lakeland for lunch at Mimi's Cafe. It was nice seeing them again.
 We are sleeping in the bay tonight. Our slide and inverter have been repaired, but we will have to come back in a week for new jacks to be installed. Tiffin covered it all, even though it was a year old in April.

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