Sunday, December 2, 2012


 We heard on Wednesday morning that Larry's dad had passed away at 4:45, so by 6 o'clock we had the car loaded and headed up to PA. We had decided to drive instead of fly, it is just a little over 1,000 miles. We stopped at a motel just south of Washington DC about 8 that night  and then back on the road at 4 in the morning.  We were in Myerstown by 8 Thursday morning.
 We were surprised to see snow covered ground in PA.  We had heard it snowed on Tuesday but we didn't realize how much they had and that it was cold and cloudy so it wasn't melting.
 Larry worked on getting mom's social security, insurance and dad's state retirement benefits for mom  figured out on Friday. The services for dad were held at Clauser funeral home in Schaefferstown, PA Saturday morning.
 He was buried at the Millcreek Memorial Cemetery.
 We had a nice catered luncheon at the Millcreek Lutheran church following the burial. There are five children all with grown children and families, so there is always a large group when we all are together.
Jason, Mystique's boyfriend, Mystique and Mark Larry's children, and Dorothy, Brian's wife. (the other Dorothy Mathias.)  We went back to mom's and then headed south about 3 o'clock. We stopped in North Carolina Saturday night and arrived back at TT by 5 Sunday night.  We appreciated Beth-Ann, TT's  manager allowing us to leave our RV unattended for these 4 days and that friends Keith and Marie watched after Godiva for us. It is good to be back in warm Florida.

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