Monday, December 17, 2012


 We have been having some trouble with our wifi  aircard so I haven't blogged for awhile, but we have been busy enjoying the holiday season. In the beginning of Dec. we joined our Blue Heron camping group in Sebring at Chicanes for a Christmas dinner.
 It was nice seeing some of our members who haven't been camping with us lately because of illness or no longer owning  an RV.

 We always have fun with a gift swap, everyone must have had the Christmas spirit for there wasn't much gift stealing.

 The white Christmas here in  Florida has been the dense fog each morning.  We had to drive over to Lazy Days one morning to get the jacks fixed.
 This  is a good winery close to where we stay. They had a chocolate and wine festival on the weekend, and I'm a fan of both! There was wine tasting with chocolate, music and a craft show.
 This weekend we started our celebrations with a play at the Winter Garden theatre.
 It was a cute musical and we enjoyed it very much.
 Saturday we went to the First Baptist Church in Orlando to their Singing Christmas Tree show. We met George and Janeen Livings and after talking with them for awhile found out he was the creative art director and she was the choreographer of the show.
 We had a very nice meal before the show in this building.
 The sanctuary is huge, there have 6,000 people attend each week. I felt like I was climbing the stairs to heaven to get to our seats.
 The trees were made up of about 100 singers each and lots of lights. The music was quite loud. The program told the Christmas story with a modern twist. The story took place in Bethlehem,PA in this century.
 Sunday we went to the Methodist church in Clermont with Dee and Rich for dinner and their Celebration of Carols Christmas cantata.

I love the music at Christmas and what a great way to celebrate the season with good concerts and our friends. My sister and son are coming next Sunday so this may be my last blog before the new year so Merry Christmas to all and I hope you have a good holiday.

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