Friday, January 18, 2013


When this building was given to St. John's United Methodist church in 2011 there was no established plan on its intended usage.. The Lord lead Janey and Larry Powell to see the need for a free medical clinic in this  poor, largely Hispanic area. They had no experience in the medical field or how to go about doing all the work involved in creating a medical center, but God provided them with all the help they needed and the project got completed.
The man they contracted to remodel the building for the clinic had helped his father build the church when he was a teenager. They had the room painted and they needed chairs for the waiting room and these were donated from another medical facility, a perfect match. Notice the angels around the ceiling. Each one was  hand painted by a women, I think there are 26 of them.

An award winning photographer offered to give them a few pictures after he saw the facilities and how bear the walls were. His few was more like many, many pictures. His pictures are amazing and each one of the rooms is themed by them.
Many of there patients have never been to a doctor before and with the angels and the lovely pictures it is a warm friendly welcoming atmoshpere.
There is an area for the children to play in for many of the people will be there for several hours. The clinic is opened two days a week at 4 o'clock. They start lining up by 3 and can serve up to 25 patients a day.

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