Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 We have been married 10 years already, so we wanted to do something a little special. We thought about a cruise but with the coach and cat it was going to take a lot of planning (which we hadn't done). So at the last minute we came up with going to Marco Island,FL.  When Larry sold insurance in the 70's this was the place they sent the high sellers  for their award. He never got here so he wanted to see what it was all about. We abandoned our coach at Wauchula TT and drove down on Wednesday afternoon. We stopped at the visitor center and they sent us to this motel. We had a great view of the river into the gulf.                                                                                                              We even saw porpoise.  

 Thursday was cloudy and a little cool.We took a walk on the beach and collected lots of pretty shells. We then went to the movies and saw Silver Lining Play list. It was a good movie and the theatre was one where they served food, so it was a different experience.
 Wednesday night we ate at Cafe de  Marco, which was in walking distance from our motel. Larry surprised me with having a vase of beautiful roses on the table. The meal was delicious and the service superb.  I even tried stone crab claw. It was a lovely way to celebrate our anniversary.
 On the way back on Friday we stopped at Corkscrew Swamp sanctuary.
 We only had two hours to spend, but we did walk the 2 and 1/2 mile boardwalk around it and saw some wildlife. We saw a family of three raccoons. Look for the tail by the leaf in the middle of the picture.
 Can you find the blue heron? Look up and little left of center.
A beautiful hawk. It is a great birding place. It was a nice three day two night trip.

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