Saturday, February 16, 2013


 I'm back in business. Never found the cord for my camera so we went to Best Buy and upgraded to this camera. With its cord I can also charge my other camera from my computer, so know I should be able to take lots of pictures.
 Larry surprised me at Valentines with this beautiful wedding band.
 I have a beautiful diamond set but we already have had to have it repaired.  I wanted a plain band so when I'm working I won't have to wear it. Also my golf glove didn't fit over the stone, so I was always having to take it off. The new band  looks nice with my original set or alone.
 On Friday there was a luncheon at the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park for  the NOMADS here in Florida. This is where our first project was last March.
 142 NOMADS attended the luncheon and there are a lot more here in Florida.  Larry catching up with Sandy and Dave.
 The little lady in blue, and her husband behind her, are from Hawaii. They came to the mainland, purchased a small RV and started doing NOMAD projects. They did 13 last year, that's a lot! Plus not realizing how far apart one was from the next (Florida to Texas). They have slowed the pace down a little this year. It was nice meeting them.
Perry, who made our NOMADS sign, was the MC. It was amazing to hear how many volunteer hours we all have put in this year just in Florida. It was a nice luncheon and fun to see old friends and make some new.

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