Saturday, February 9, 2013


 We camped with the Blue Herons at Tropical Palms RV resort from February 6 to the 10th.  We always enjoyed a get together in the afternoon.
 We were glad Jo and Cliff were camping with us again and that Lois and Jim stopped by for dinner.
 Our host for this camp out was Ken and Joyce. Dinner on Thursday night was hamburgers and beans. Delicious.
 Jan led the ladies in a craft on Friday morning. Now we will know who we are and have our keys with us.

 After our craft everyone went to play miniature golf. It was a very nice course and we had a good time.
 Jan, Jim, Tam and Chuck made up a fast moving team/
 Audrey, Marty, Nan and Don were a team.
 Dick, Roberta, Joyce and Ken played together.
 Dottie and Larry scampered around playing and taking pictures.
 All these players had a hole in one. If your hole in one was at a certain hole you won a free game. Good job guys. After this busy day we went out for dinner at the Columbia restaurant in Celebration.
 Saturday we had a good pancake breakfast and then  our business meeting.
For several hours Saturday afternoon we got our exercise playing corn hole.  I think my shoulder will feel it tomorrow, but we had lots of fun and were getting better.
I just found out I accidently threw away my cord to charge my camera yesterday. We think it was in the box from the case of water and didn't realize it. So until I can replace it or get a new camera my blog may be silent for awhile, sorry.

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