Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 We were up early (for us) on Tuesday morning for we were leaving at 8:30 for the Victory Casino Cruise. As we walked out our door to leave this hot air balloon landed in the field right behind our park.
 The package deal was a bus to Port Canaveral, $20.00 in Casino cash , lunch and a 6 hour cruise with entertainment, all for $36 a person.
 Larry ready to cruise.
 Boarding the ship.
 Rocky and the Rollers was the 50's band that entertained us in and out to sea. They were pretty good.
 The ship sailed at 11:00.On our way out to sea we passed this nice RV park and beach, we will have to check it out sometime.

 Kennedy Space center from sea.
We had to be three miles out to sea before the Casino was operational. Our promo money wasn't usable on the poker slots so we had to play ones we don't like. We were able to take our vouchers we won playing that slot and play the poker slot. Winning about $20.
We were scheduled to eat our lunch at 11:30, by now the boat was rocking pretty much. The food was served cafeteria style. It was OK but not Casino buffet we are use to. I spent a lot of the trip outside in the sun, wishing it would soon be over. The rocking got to me.
 Coming into port!! Glad to be back on land soon. We were on the bus and on our way home by 5 but due to traffic delay we didn't arrive back at TT until 7:30.  Our last food was at 11:30, we were hungry. Don't think we will do this again.
If we go on a cruise again it will have to be on a ship at least this size!

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