Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 We stopped at a Walmart on Friday evening and made it to Red Bay Saturday afternoon. We just moved the clocks ahead an hour last week and now we had to move it back, central time.
 We thought there may be a lot of Tiffin motor homes  here for service on their way home for Easter and we are here without an appointment.
 We all look alike! Even though there are a lot of motor homes getting serviced they say we should be able to be worked on in the next few days.
 We took a bike ride around town when we got here. The Dollar General store has upgraded to a Dollar General market. I never saw one before.
 Sunday we went to the Red Bay Methodist church.
 It is one of the 32 churches on the Hallelujah trail in northern Alabama. Each church is at least 100 years old, is on its original site and is still holding service today.

 On Monday we drove over to Phil Campbell to see where we will be working. This house is almost unlivable, although a woman is living here. the roof was blown off in the tornado and they weren't able to get down the road to it for three days so there was lot of water damage inside. We are going to build a new house behind it.
 Notice the sky,  we had severe thunderstorms and heavy rain but the tornadoes were in eastern Alabama today.
 The foundation was just poured on Friday, we are hoping they can get it under roof  in a week or at least by April 1,  so we can be have our teams of NOMADS finish the insides.This is our assignment. 

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