Monday, March 11, 2013


 We begin with a sad note for Marty Young died on February 27. There was a nice  Masonic service on Monday night and then on Tuesday his inurnment was at the Atonement Lutheran Church in Sebring. He was very active in this church and with the Masons. Our Blue Heron group will truly miss him and will keep Audrey in our prayers.

 The Blue Herons camped at Toby's in Arcadia March 6 to the 10th.
It was the weekend of the Arcadia All-Florida Championship rodeo.  Larry and Jeannie, friends who also were camping with us, decided to bike to it. Only 3 miles with a nice bike path half the way and we avoided the traffic and parking.
 Our seats were in Y section, right over the bulls,
 and below the announcer.
 Perfect seats to see the cowboys get ready to ride and coming out of the chutes.
 The rodeo began with the Tater Hill Bluff Gang and a good old fashion shoot out.
 There was bareback riding
 quadrille (square dancing on horseback, I really liked it!)
 calf roping
 and the rodeo ended with bullriding. Rockin' Robbie Hodges was a great barrelman and funny guy.
 Our seats were right where we could see them getting ready.
 The barrel is down and that means the bull went after it, He took quite a few hits.
 Ride 'em cowboy.

 We had our business meeting Friday night. This was our last camp out for awhile for we head to Alabama in a week and then next year we plan to be out west.  Dick and Roberta also announce that this is their last camp out for they will be selling their rig. Dick is quite an inspiration to us all at 95, but his vision is going so he needs to stop driving the RV.  Jim will be wagon master next year and Jan will be secretary. We are so glad they agreed to do it and I know they will do a great job.
 Jan, Tam and Jo made a great breakfast Saturday morning.
 Larry , Jeannie and we rode our bikes back into town and watched the parade Saturday morning.

 Lot of Shrine representation.

 I almost forgot that on Thursday the guys went golfing while the ladies went in town for lunch at Mary Margret's Tea room.
 We enjoyed looking in some of the antique shops along the street.
 On Thursday afternoon Larry, Larry and I went to Joshua orange grove in Arcadia and had a tour.
 We learned all about how they hand pick the fruit and those who pick it.
 All the fruit starts on a sour orange root and then the plant is grafted onto it. (different types of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines).

Larry, Dottie and Larry in the orange grove.  We learned a lot.

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