Friday, May 3, 2013


We left Haleyville on April 26 and headed to Nashville, TN.
We stayed at Nashville Yogi Bear's Jellystone park on Music Valley Drive which is very close to Opryland.

I  t cost $20 to park at Opryland, but it is free if you eat at one of the restaurants.
We ate at Crusades. Had great crab bisque.
We then took the Delta Riverboat ride.
Interesting fact about the water in the river.
lot of water from PA

The boat ride wasn't very long but it was narrated with lots of fun facts about Opryland.
It is the largest convention center without a casino in the USA. Lots of beautiful plants inside and out, and they change many of the plants with each season.
Saturday night we went to the Grand Ole Opry which is beside Opryland.

A Minnie Pearl impersonator.
George Jones had died the day before so a lot of his music was sung and tributes were given to him.
The Grand Ole Opry is on the air, longest live radio show, commercials and all.  There were four 1/2 segments.
The Boxcars, won an award for the top instrumental group.
He had a great announcer voice and did the commercials.
Kristen Kelly, a new singer, fooling arond on stage with her sister after the show.

We took the backstage tour after the show.


The green room where the performers wait to go on stage. The rail on the left is how high the water came during the flood in 2011.

There are 18 dressing rooms each with a special name. This is  Roy Acuff's dressing room, the only one with a open door which is the way he aways had it.
Looking out at the auditorium from the stage. I think every seat was filled when we were there.
We got to stand on the circle. The circle is from the original stage, an honor for any performer to stand on it.
You are invited to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Each one has a plaque with their name on the wall.
The line up for the show we saw. It was a fun night.

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