Saturday, May 18, 2013


 Wednesday Larry had jury duty for Lancaster county. He didn't have to go back, so on Thursday we went over to his daughters.
 Larry's daughter, Mystique, owns a home in York. Her step dad has enclosed the back porch to give her a downstairs  bathroom, a laundry closet and broom closet .
 We gave a helping hand with the mudding.

 Her new dog, Mars, who is a year old is quite a handful.
 And good old Lee with Mystique.
 On Friday Larry and I took a hike at Susquehannock state park.
 I wanted to go because the rhododendron are in bloom.
 No blooms here. When I ask the ranger he said they won't bloom until the end of June. They don't look to promising even then to me.
 But the trail takes you down to  a beautiful stream.
 It is a difficult 1.2 mile hike up and down steep rocky trails.
 I think this part of the trail was straight up!  This is the third time we have hiked this trail, but I'm not sure I'll go back in June to see what rhododendrons have bloomed.

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