Monday, July 29, 2013


 Mark was thrilled with this car until it started to overheat after a month of ownership. He took it to the repair shop several times, then finally they said it needed a head gasket. Too costly a repair. So they agreed to take the car to auction and give back the money they were able to get for it. After having a car for two months Mark and Shannon realized how important having a car was to them, so they figured out how much a car payment they could afford. So we all went out car hunting again, but this time  not buying a car as is. We wanted a  car with a warranty.
 We went to several car dealerships and at Lancaster Toyota they showed us this 2006 Sebring.
 It is in good shape except for the scrape on the front bumper. It only has 50,000 miles and came with a 13 month warranty. It was in their price range, so the purchase was made. We hope this car will give them much better  performance and give them some good transportation for the next few years.

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