Friday, July 5, 2013


The weather has been hot with storms almost every day. On June 28th a golf tournament Larry was to play in got cancelled so we went over to Tree  top and played  9 holes of golf. All those carts, but we walked it. Larry is really getting pretty good and I had a few good hits.
 Friday night we went to the Mt. Gretna playhouse and saw Watson- the last great tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes.  An unusual play but we enjoyed it. Lot of creative acting.
 The first of July, time to go and pick some cherries.
 We picked 6 pounds in a few minutes, the trees were loaded and picking was easy. Now pitting those cherries took a lot longer!  I made three pies out of them, and yes the cherries were sour, but quite tasty in the pie.
 We went to Sharon Hill, where my son and sister live. for a 4th of July picnic. My son's friend, Pam, and her children came over.  We had fun playing some games outside.
 We ended the evening watching fireworks from the front steps. Collingdale puts there fireworks off right at the end of the street. It was a nice day.

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