Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 The house we have rented for 15 years was no longer being  rented this year so we had to find a new place to stay. My sister's neighbor's son had this house for rent on Nashville Ave in Wildwood Crest, so we rented it for the first week of August. 
 It had a nice back porch with two tables, but we never got to eat out on it.
 It also had a nice front porch. Lynn went out on it to drink her coffee each morning.
 Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday we got to the beach.
 The water was great, clean and warm. Kathy and I were the water bugs.

 Thanks to Lynda planning ahead and realizing we would be walking to the beach this year and not driving, she bought a cart. It held four chairs, two umbrellas and all our bags. Pulling it through the sand took a little work, but other then that it made going to the beach very easy.
 I claimed the rocker but Kathy sat in it most of the time.
 Lynda knitted and Lynn read. No rush to go to the beach since it was cloudy and forecast was rain.
 Tuesday we went to Stone Harbor and shopped since it was rainy. On Wednesday we went to Ocean City and walked the boardwalk in pouring rain. Kathy said it was the first time she has ever walked the boardwalk in the rain. But they have a lot of nice shops to go into.
We ate a very good lunch at the Ocean Cafe.

 Lynda got us all our dessert - carmel popcorn. It took us the rest of the week to eat it all.
Each evening after dinner we sat around the kitchen table and played games.  The reason to go the the shore was met - enjoying the beach, catching up on friendships, and enjoying time together. We plan to go back next year.

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