Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 We went over to Larry's mom's and took her out for a ride. We stopped at the cemetery to see the headstone that has just been put on Dad's grave.
 The stone matches the one beside it of Larry's grandparents. We then took mom to Barb's and Tom's for corn pie. It was good for her to get out of the house.
 We always buy an Entertainment Book for Lancaster when they go on sale for about $10.00. There were  BOGO  coupons for some of the museums in the area we wanted to visit.
 This is a new museum in Columbia. It tells about the area and how the dairy was started.
 There was a lot of interactive activities, for the kids in us. Glad I wasn't milking a real cow.
 There was lots of ice cream and drinks to taste and then you used computers to make your own ice cream flavor. I even got to make an ad to sell my ice cream.  Two o'clock in the afternoon when school is in session is the perfect time to go for it was not crowded and we had lots of time to do the activities and taste lots of ice cream.

 I use to drive past this place everyday on my way to work, but never visited it. I had heard it was very interesting.  It is an amazing place and takes about 2 hours to go through.

 The store was full of toys a child would have seen when they went to Woolworth .I remember shopping at 5 and 10 cent stores.

 Rooms and rooms of ornaments and Christmas decorations
 An amazing quilt.

 A great train exhibit viewed from a child perceptive looking at it under the tree.

 Nativities from all around the world  made out of every material and in all sizes.

It sure gets you in the mood for the holidays.


 This was our house in Mountville, we hardly recognize it.  Brian and Dorothy have done a lot to it to make it their house. They put new post on the porch, took the siding off the front and put on stone, changed the garage opening and put on new roof. They had changed the walkway and landscaping last year. It really looks nice and is just as lovely inside.
 We had a new cement pad laid at our rental property for the old one was cracking apart and becoming dangerous for our tenants.  Having the steps to work around made it a little challenging taking the old pad out. We were glad we found someone who could  do it before we leave the area. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 Hershey TT is all decorated for fall.

 We got a perfect spot up on the hill with 50 amps.
 We have a great view.
 I think this is the Atlanta hub for the geese migration.
 There are at least 500 geese around the lake.
 It was fun watching them fly in and land.
 Godiva has a new pink harness.

Monday, October 7, 2013


 We started the month off with two weeks at Sea Pines outside of Avalon, NJ.
 My sister came and spent a few days with us. The weather was very warm and the water was great. We spent almost everyday at Wildwood Crest beach.
My son Bob brought his girlfriend down to Wildwood for her birthday in this Mercedes. This is her dream car, so he was able to borrow one from a friend. I think we look pretty good in it!
 For Bob's 35th birthday I gave him a tandem jump at Skydive Collegeville. The jump was scheduled for 11 o'clock on September 21. We were there in plenty of time, he checked in  and then we watched several people jump. When he finally asked when his turn was going to be they told him they had already called his name but none of us heard it. They had him get ready and he would be next.

 He was trained on how to position  his body during the jump.
 This was the plane they went up in.
 Notice how cloudy it has gotten. So the plane was grounded, the wind was too strong for jumping. Bob had to reschedule to October 6th at 9 o'clock.
 This is what the sky looked liked at 9 o'clock  on October 6.
 We waited three hours for it to clear. Bob sitting in his new (to him) 2012 Camry. since it didn't seem likely that he would be able to jump today we aborted the whole thing. I am disappointed for him, since I jumped several years ago and know what a rush it is.   I hope he can do it sometime in his life.
 Friday nights we have spent watching Hempfield football games, especially # 56, Brady Mathias.
 We have been golfing at least once a week at Evergreen Golf course. One Saturday we went out with Larry's son Brian and our grandson Chase. We played all 18 holes (usually we only walk 9).  Chase was getting better with each hole, it was his first time out.
 Brian was trying out his different clubs and shots. He is a pretty good golfer and was giving Chase a lot of pointers.

 One of the reasons my blog has been quiet for a few weeks is that Larry got a new computer and many of our WIFI minutes were used getting it up and running.
 The air chambers in our Sleep Number bed kept losing air each night so finally we called and had new ones sent. It took a little work to put them in the bed, but it sure is an improvement (Godiva supervised the whole thing)
 We broke down and got a Vitamix. I'm slowly learning all it can do. We started the Digest Diet and it has a lot of healthy shakes. I've made natural peanut butter and chopped a lot of vegetables. I'm sure I'll be using it a lot.