Sunday, November 10, 2013


 We left PA October 31 to head for Bastrop,TX. Our first stop was in Red Bay, AL to get our antenna repaired. 

 Since Phil Campbell is close to Red Bay we were able to go over and visit with Janice. This is the house we worked on building in the Spring. It was sure nice to see it finished and Janice all moved in.
 She loves her kitchen.
 The bathroom was a lot bigger then I remembered it.
She now sleep in her bed.

After 5 days at Red Bay we had the antenna repaired and were on the road again.
 When we got to Texas and off the interstate the speed limit changed. Everything is bigger in Texas!
 We heard gas was cheaper in Texas. We had paid $3.63 for diesel at the Flying J in Arkansas.
 As we came into Bastrop this Exxon station was having a grand opening and was packed with cars, but we couldn't resist pulling in and filling up since the diesel price was $2.99!!!

A few hours later it was back to $3.49. What a blessing to have gotten it for $2.99, what a nice welcome to town.
We turned onto Alum Creek Rd and drove a few miles down this road.
 We turned on park road 1C.
Right after we turned onto it we crossed the Alum Creek. During the rains, the week before that flooded Austin, this creek was at the 4 foot level.
 Now we came to the road into camp.
 The camp where we are parked.
 We have 50 amp, water and sewer. All set up and ready to go. Godiva seems to love it here. (follow the line to her pink collar)
 Sunday we went to church in Bastrop. The movie Bernie was filmed here. It is a nice little town.

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