Monday, November 4, 2013


 The last week of October was spent saying goodbye to friends and family. Mark and Shannon had us over to their home for dinner.
 We met Mystique at Olive Garden for lunch and saw her new jeep compass.
 We got to play one last game of golf at Evergreen on Tuesday with Lynn and Jim. We were glad Jim was up to playing.
 We left PA on Thursday evening at 5:30. We had light rain but no traffic problems. We stopped at a Walmart in Virginia.  We had hard rain just before we left the Walmart but it stopped before we were on the road and it was clear the rest of the trip. We arrived in Red Bay, Alabama at 5 on Saturday, we were lucky to get a camping spot. We just want to get our antenna repaired, but there are lots  of coaches here and not sure they will get to us before we must be on the road again.
 Sunday after church we went over to Phil Campbell and visited with Janice. This is the house we helped build when we were here in the spring. We hadn't seen it finished and all moved in.
 She just got the fireplace put in a few weeks ago. On Saturday Janice fell in a hole and her whole leg was swollen and black and blue, I do pray she will be OK.
 We thought we would post some pictures of the rooms.

 She was real glad to see us and would love a visit or to hear from anyone who helped on her home.

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