Thursday, November 28, 2013


Here are some interesting facts about Bastrop.
 Monday was a very rainy, cold day and the only inside work we had to do was to finish the bathroom at the house we have been working on this fall. So only four of us went to work.
 Bub, Larry and Gary set up a tent to put the saw under.
 Four in the bathroom was a little crowded.
 Larry installed the toilet.
 Gary and Bub installed the shower stall.
 The trim was finished even around the window.
 We were done by lunch and called it an early day.
 Tuesday was a little cold but not rainy. Steve and Vicki helped finish the shed. Steve crawled under to attach the steps.
 Larry put in the venting.
 We thought it looked like a  bird house.
 The shed is finished by noon.
 Avis and Gary finished the steps at the home they were working at last week. So that project is done.
 Dan, Marilyn and Richard started a new house, building two decks and a ramp.
 The back deck.
 Wednesday we all went over to this property to work. Half the crew worked on the front deck and ramp whle the rest finished up the back deck.
 Larry and I took that set of steps and attached them to the back of the house.
 Avis cut the stringers for the back steps.
 Installing the stringers.
 The front decking.
 Cutting the boards kept Midge busy.
 I helped Bub screw on the boards to the top deck.
 Larry, Gary and Dan worked on the ramp.
 This is what we got finished by the end of the day, we were hoping to be finished but will have to complete it next week.
 Thursday we went to the Bastrop Methodist church for Thanksgiving dinner.
 The church cooked 5 turkeys and we all brought a covered dish. There was lots of great food and we had avery nice Thanksgiving.

 With bad weather and Thanksgiving it has been a very short week, but we have got a lot of our homes finished. From left to right are Larry and Dottie, Richard and Marilyn, Dan, Gary and Avis, Bud and Midge, Steve and Vicki.

We had planned to go to DQ for an evening snack, but when we stopped by on Tuesday we saw it the sign that said they would be closed on Thanksgiving. Sorry Dan.

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