Saturday, December 7, 2013


 On November 23 Larry and I drove into Austin to the LBJ library and museum. It was a very interesting museum. I was just 14 when he became president and Larry went to Vietnam under his administration. President Johnson did a lot for Civil rights, Head Start, Medicare and much more.
There are exhibits on the 3rd, 4th and 10th floor. The other floors hold the presidential archives and are only available by appointment.
 The Oval Office as it was during the Johnson administration. It is to seven-eights scale.
 You can see downtown Austin and the capital building from the office where Mrs. Johnson worked.

 We went into Austin and  took this 90 minutes bus tour.
 The Texas Longhorn stadium.
 In the hill country looking at downtown Austin. Up in the hill was the mansion of the owner of Dell computer.
 The capital building. We walked to it after the bus tour but it was too  late to go in and get a tour. We ate a nice meal and then headed back to Bastrop. Being the Friday after Thanksgiving we had no traffic problems.
 Back in Bastrop we walked along the river and looked at all the Christmas decorations  they had just lighted.

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