Sunday, January 5, 2014


 We left Medina Lake TT on Friday morning and headed west. My pictures don't show you the vastness of the scenery. It is just amazing.
 The speed is 80 but in the RV we only go 60, especially when I was driving.

 It was a little breezy and there were signs warning of high cross winds,  so we weren't surprised to see wind farms.
 We stopped in Fort Stockton,  that is one big road runner. I have seen one real  road runner so far.
 We stayed at this Passport park. Price was good but it was a little rough, We did stayed two nights so we could  go to Big Bend National Park.
 It was a long straight ride on 385 to the park. Only three cars passed us the whole 140 miles!
 Picture this to your right and to your left and as far as you can see. I felt like a small speck in the world.
 Finally we reach the park and the views continue.

 We stopped but didn't have our passports with us so we couldn't go over to Mexico.
 You can cross the Rio Grande by row boat, then ride a mule to Boquillas, the Mexican village, have lunch and come home.
 We drove to the Boquillas overlook to have a picnic lunch. The Rio Grande!
 There were items for sale on the rocks, with a can to put your money in.
 As we were eating our lunch this horse and rider came up the cliff.  Larry asked him if he spoke English, he said a little and then he talked with him. He is the one who made the items and lives across the river in Mexico.He said as long as he doesn't go any further, they don't bother him. We purchased a road runner. We then read in The Pasiano, Big Bend's newspaper, that it was illegal to buy these items and was considered contraband and would be seized by officers and the Mexican merchant would be arrested for illegal commercial operations. Oh my.
 At Panther Junction visitor center we watched a very informative movie on this National Park. We only saw a tiny portion of  Big Bend NP, but were willing to go home after we made reservations to come back and camp here for a week in March. When leaving the visitor center I saw javelinas, they do smell like skunks. They are not pigs but peccaries.
 Our last adventure was a hike.

 We made it to the canyon.
 All along the trail were stone piles to mark the path. It was supposed to be cold and windy today so I had dressed in layers. I was down to short sleeves by the end of the  hike.

 On the drive home, miles and miles of beauty and isolation. I can't wait to come back and see the night skies (It is the darkest area in the US with no artificial lighting.) explore all of the areas, go to Mexico, and spend a whole week here enjoying Big Bend.

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