Sunday, January 19, 2014


 After having our air bag replaced at the freightliner service center in El Paso, we made it to Arizona on January 9th.
 The scenery through New Mexico and Arizona is like none back east.
 Even the overpasses are beautifully decorated.

 I know I'm in Arizona as soon as I start seeing the saguaro cactus.
 Looking down at the town of Camp Verde from route 17. It is a steep curvy drop to our exit.
 We will camp here at Verde Valley TT until the 23rd.
 We pulled into our site so we could look over the valley.
 The view from our front window. What a beautiful sight seeing the full moon rise over it the past few nights.
 We didn't realize there was actually a river in the valley, until we took a hike one day. Larry is crossing a little stream that branches off from the river. He didn't get his feet wet!
We are enjoying our days here at TT. We have hit the pickleball around, but haven't found any other players. We have danced on Saturday night when there is a country band at the activity center. And of course we have done some hiking and biking.

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