Sunday, January 5, 2014


 On December 16 we moved to Medina Lake TT, which is in Lakehills,TX, north of San Antonio.  We were about 75 miles south of LBJ ranch so one beautiful day we took the drive through the hill country to take a tour.
LBJ lived at this home in Johnson City from the age of 4. We had a nice tour through it with a park ranger. It did not sound like LBJ had a very easy childhood. This house had no electric or running water when he was growing up.

 You drive 12 miles down the road to the LBJ ranch.  This is where he was born and lived for the first 4 years of his life. He started school here.  He returned as President 53 years later to sign the far-reaching Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

 His first home was right up from the school.
 Across the road from the house is the Johnson family cemetery.
 He died January 25, 1973 and Lady Bird died in July 11, 2007. They both died here at the ranch.
 There home, on this still working ranch, was known as the Texas White House.
 There were two deer heads mounted on the tree. I'm not sure if they were the Christmas decoration or are always there. We had a tour through the house but no pictures were allowed to be taken.
 Whenever anyone visited the President he didn't have them sign a guest book they put there name in a square of wet cement. It was fun reading them.
 I never knew there was an amphicar.

 He would have scared me driving it into the river.
 The presidential plane. The only way to travel here inTexas.

 It was a beautiful drive home through the hill country.

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