Wednesday, January 22, 2014


  On Monday afternoon we played 9 holes of golf at Pine Shadows Golf course in Cottonwood. We walked it, and it is up and down hills, but it is a nice course to play.
 The only animals we have seen in this area are these rabbits on the golf course.
 So on Tuesday morning we went a few miles up from the campground to Out of Africa. It is not a zoo, not a drive-through park, but a place were you enjoy an authentic replica of a real African Bush Safari.
After a tram took us around the grounds to get an over view and to introduce us to each of the animals. You could really tell how much all of the personel knew and loved each of the animals.We then boarded this open bus and took a tour in the serengeti area, where the animals roam free.
We were given a piece of celery to feed to the giraffe or camel.
He gave me a kiss as he took the celery out of my mouth.
That is one long tongue.
The camel had to be behind a fence, because he being mean to the other animals.
An ostrich, named Chili-Pepper.
This zebra had been kicked out of the herd because she is the youngest and a new baby was to be born shortly. Her sister came with her, but didn't have too. Our driver fed her some aspirin since she was limping a little.
The zebra mother with her three day old baby.

The Preserve has about 15 tigers and 15 lions.
We were amazed that these workers had just taken one of the tigers from an area and walked with him down a fence enclosed pathway for the tiger splash show.
They played with the tiger and had him chase "toys" around and capture it.
Now to take the toy away, given some meat to encourage him to give up the toy.
Another toy brought out to play with.
The tiger won this tug of war.

There were two tiger cubs rescued from a yard in Phoenix a few weeks ago. This weekend was the first they were meeting the public. They are seven  months old.
There was a contest to name them, the winning names are Gabriel and Journey.
They are brothers.
Lion pride.
What a view.
You could hear the lion's roar throughout the preserve.
There was a giant snake show. You could go in and touch him.
The bears were in hibernation, but these two black bears came out for a short visit to get a drink and nibble.
We spent the whole day enjoying the shows and walking around. Larry doesn't enjoy zoos that much, but he really like Out of Africa
 We ended our day out with a stop at the Cliff Casino for dinner and little slot play. Their $10 free play earned us $14 each, so dinner was paid for.Thanks.

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