Monday, January 20, 2014


We were going to take a hike in Sedona on Wednesday when we stopped here to get some information. Of course it was one of those places that offered a "freebie" if you just take a 90 minute tour of their resort. We got  first class tickets on the Verde Canyon railroad for Saturday.
 Our 90 minute minute tour took 4 hours and we left with a sample membership for 2 years. We plan to use it to go to Hawaii for a couple of weeks.It is with Diamond resorts and you may have seen the CEO on Undercover Boss. 
On Saturday we had lunch at Bobby D's BBQ in Jerome.This town clings to the sides of Cleopatra Hill. It is about four miles of switchbacks up the hill from Clarkdale.

In the late 1800's this area was famous for its cooper mines. The train was used to take the cooper out and to bring in supplies. The train station is in Clarkdale.

Our first-class car was the Wickenburg, there were two others and they were all full.

We had spacious living room style seating and complementary appetizers.
I spent most of the trip in the open air car taking pictures and enjoying all of the scenery.
Our first view of the Verde River.

Going across a trestle bridge.
Going through the 680 foot tunnel. It sure was dark in there.
We went 20 miles to the ghost town of Perkinsville. We were traveling at 12 miles an hour.

The engine unhooked and relocated at the other end of the train to take us back.
F p7 locomotive, two of only 10 remaining in North America.
There is an eagle nest a little below half way down on the rock. The highlight was seeing an eagle flying along the river on our way back.
It was a very enjoyable 4 1/2 hour train ride through this beautiful canyon.

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