Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 Our last day in Salt Lake City was to go see  the Great Salt Lake.
 It was a seven mile causeway out to Antelope Island.

 There are 500 bison on the island and I think we saw them all. I think with every cow there was a calf.
 This Saturday there was a Cowboy festival at Fielding Garr Ranch.

 There were lots of singers throughout the property

 This blacksmith made an iron pendent then gave it to me.
 Lots of horses and even wagon rides.
 A pretty well equipped wagon, but I think we will continue to travel with our RV.
 We climbed a pretty steep trail to look out at the lake.
 A salty shoreline.

 This is a great place for birders. It is an important stop on the migratory routes and host 250 bird species each year. These swallows were making  mud nest along the walls of the visitor center.
 The California Seagull is the state bird. They ate the locust that were destroying the crops the Mormons had planted soon after they arrived here.
A Chukar posed for this great shot. I never saw one before.

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