Sunday, May 18, 2014


 We were on the road again Friday morning. We only were going 93 miles on I-15 to Beaver, UT. The speed is 80, but  usually we don't go over 60 in the RV.
 This campground is just a few miles off I-15.
 It was in the  Passport book,  so we are never sure what type of campground we may be pulling into.
 It was small and most of the sites were filled with permanent campers. The lean too was interesting and Godiva enjoyed  exploring it.
 There was a nice bike trail around the town (mostly cattle ranches) It even had a 20 mph speed limit.
 We ate at the Mexican restaurant at the campground.
 The meal was very good.
 A small cozy restaurant.
 There was a golf course up the road.
 The 7th hole was in the middle of the horse racing track. No horse race this weekend but one next weekend.:(
This is real cowboy country. There was a large herd of cattle (300 or more) going down Main St. on Saturday when we went to get lunch.

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