Tuesday, May 27, 2014


On Monday we took the  free shuttle from the KOA into Temple Square. We had guided tours, watched movies and talked to many of the Sisters who are doing their mission work here in Salt Lake.
We heard the noon organ recital at the Tabernacle. This building is an acoustic marvel. The organist ripped a piece of paper and then dropped three pins to show how well you can hear every sound throughout the tabernacle.
We didn't see the shuttle to go back to the KOA so we decided to walk home, a little over a mile. We passed the Red Iguana with this line waiting outside to go in and eat, so we joined it. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We had a very good dinner and glad we stopped.
Thursday we took a 5 hour bus tour of Salt Lake City, it was non-stop information..
Brigham Young indicated that this was the place he had seen in his dream.
We drove around the University of Utah.
These dorms were built to house the Olympian in 2002.
The stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies took place, along with the cauldron,
The Utah capital building.
A lot of marble from Georgia.
The finger on Brigham Young has been worn shiny from school children shaking it when they visit, so of course I had to touch it also.
Facts about Utah
know as the beehive state
lots of movies are filmed here.
We ended our tour at Temple Square. We had a meal at the Lion House, once a residence of Brigham Young.
The Beehive house is next to the Lion house and served as the official residence of Brigham Young. I took a tour of the home the next day.
We waited in line to hear the Mormon Tabernacle and the Orchestra. They had been recording the Messiah and  were still working on it so the concert was to start at 8 instead of 7:30. We waited and waited.
The Temple when we got in line.
They kept coming by the line and saying it would be a little later. The Temple an hour later
We began to think this was the only way we would see them.
At nine o'clock they finally opened the doors.

 It sure was beautiful. Unfortunately we had to leave to get the bus at 9:30 so we only heard a little bit of the rehearsal.
The Temple as we left.
I went back in on Friday morning to do some genealogical work at the family history library and then to enjoy the beautiful gardens and fountains while Larry took the car to have the tires rotated.
The reflection pool in front of the Temple.
There were a lot of wedding at the Temple. I saw at least four bridal parties getting pictures taken on the front steps. I was told they had 26  weddings today and 32 the day before.

This was a beautiful building. I sat in here and listened to two woman playing the piano and the violin.

I went across the street to City Creek Mall which just opened last year. The Mormons put  money into this project to save the downtown area.
It is a pretty mall with a creek running through it. The mall can also be covered in cold weather.
All the streets are very wide in the city, 132 feet. Because of the width they were able to put two trolley lines down the middle and still have two lanes of traffic in both directions to help with the traffic flow during the Olympics.
Larry picked me up and then we stopped at Crown Burgers for lunch.
The crown burger is a hamburger with pastrami on it. I didn't think it would be good but was quite tasty. The fry sauce is famous in Utah. It is a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and some type of spice. We first had it when we stopped at DQ.

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