Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 We were only 20 miles from the boarder and Waterton Peace Park is in Canada, so we took a day and went to explore it.

 A beautiful drive.
 The lakes were always  a clear blue.

 You can drive and park right by this fall.

We took a 4 mile hike to Bertha Falls.

What views.
 We had to walk over snow where there had been an avalanche.

 The falls, there sure was a lot of water rushing down.

 We ate lunch right here. Larry washed his hands, and the water sure was cold!

 We took a drive along the Akamina Parkway is search of animals.

 Big horn sheep coming down the cliffs then walking along the road.
 The road ended after 12 miles at the Cameron Lake.
The lake still had ice on it.

 We met the sheep going back down the road.
 This one raced the car.

 Our next 12 mile drive was Red Rock Pathway which ended here at Red Rock Canyon.

 All along the drive and hikes the flowers were abundant. I don't know what any of them are but sure enjoyed seeing them. Spring!

 We headed back to the USA in the evening. We really enjoyed out day at Waterton Lakes National Park. It was about 150 mile in all.

Right after crossing into USA this grizzly ran across the road. It was the only bear we saw, but we did buy bear spray before we left to take with us on a hike.

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