Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Many glacier entrance was only 8 miles from the campground and then 12 miles of rough roads.
  Sherburne Lake was so still there was a great reflection of the mountains  in it. It was a beautiful clear morning.
 Always beautiful views, the pictures don't do them justice.
 We took a 2 mile uphill hike to Redrock Falls. The 2 miles back went much faster.
 A strange looking tree.
Looking at the falls from Redrock Lake.
 We ate our lunch by the falls.
 We were told to go to Many Glacier to see big horn sheep, grizzly bear with cubs, and moose. We drove the 12 mile road back and forth five times, at all time of the day and night. The first evening we saw this moose and after that we never saw another animal. Although I did see a moose and her baby running near our campground one evening on the way home.
This picture was taken with the moon in it as we were leaving the park one evening. It stayed light until after 10 each night.

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