Thursday, July 17, 2014


 Deane, Linda,George, Lynn,Larry and I took a day trip on July 5th to the International Peace Gardens.It is between Dunseith ND and Boissevain, MB.

 There were lots of places to hike and picnic on the Canadian side by Lake Stormon. We just drove around it.
 This is a popular place for weddings and we saw this large wedding party taking pictures.
 The chime tower and they were suppose to ring every 15 minutes but weren't working, too bad.
 These towers given to them by Japan.
 Boundary line marker. Larry is standing in the US. and I was taking the picture in Canada.
 The Peace Chapel.
 Messages of peace were embedded in natural Tyndall stone on all sides of the wall in the chapel.It was nice reading them all.
 Music Camp had been gong on all week.
 There was a music camp  concert at the Masonic auditorium. The building is shaped like a square and compass.
 The concert was great. What a future these children have in music, such talent.
 911 memorial with girders rescued from World Trade Center.

 Botanical conservatory with 1000 of cacti.
 You have to go through customs when you leave. Since all the students were leaving from music camp we had a long line to sit in to get through customs.
 We had over 100 mile drive to the Peace Garden from Minot. There were beautiful yellow fields of canola.
 We watched a crop duster. He would get preetty close to the ground.

 When we passed the Minot Air Force and knew we were soon home.

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