Thursday, July 17, 2014


We left Minot on Friday about noon and made it to Fargo where we stopped in a Walmart for the night.
On Saturday we drove through Minnesota.
 We saw a field with many steel poles piled around. Then we saw these electric poles being installed and realized what those poles were for.  The poles ate really tall! This was the warning sign at the rest stop.

 We had torrential rain and wind at Minneapolis, and for some reason our GPS took us through the city instead of around it. We were glad to stop at the Walmart at Menomonie, Wisconsin at 3:30.

 We were up early Sunday morning and on the road at 4:30. We went around Chicago at noon on I-290 to I-294. Glad we did this on a Sunday! We were ready to stop at this RV park just off I-65 at exit 230 in Indiana.

We were surprised to see another large wind farm in Indiana along I-65.

We arrived at Tom Raper RV on Monday afternoon at Richmond, Indiana. We had an appointment here for Tuesday morning. We had a full hook-up site for the night.
Our appointment was at 9 but we were to get in line at 8. I was up by 6 and Larry was looking at his emails on his phone when he noticed it was 8:45 not 7:45. What time zone are we in anyway? We didn't think it changed to Eastern Time till we were in Ohio, but it changes between Illinois and Indiana.
The water intake valve had to be replaced with some other valves, because when we would hook up to city water it just made a circle and the pump ran continually. It took them till 2 to fix it.
While they worked on the RV we took a bike ride.
. It is a very nice rail trail and the weather was perfect for a ride. We took a 7 mile bike ride.
We left the dealership at 2 in the afternoon and headed home.
We drove through Columbus at 5 o'clock.
We stopped at a Walmart at exit 10 in West Virginia. It had a special area for RV and truck parking. It was almost like being at a rest stop. We got up early and were on the road by 5 in the morning. When we got on the PA turnpike we didn't get a toll ticket. We found out when we went to get off that the EZ pass on our car had been picked up and that is why we didn't get a toll ticket. It sure had us worried for we thought we would be charged for the whole length of the turnpike.

We are staying at PA Dutch campground until Monday. We are busy visiting with family, sure is good seeing them all  after almost a year away.

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