Sunday, August 24, 2014


 Thanks to Mystique's realtor we were able to surprise Mystique with her baby shower. She had to convince Mystique to come and talk about what they might need to do to help sell the house. She was totally surprise when she came in and found us there.
 Eric joined in with the fun, and Ali kept track of who gave her the gifts.

 I made her a sock monkey.
 The theme of the party was books. Her Grandmother gave her an old Peter Rabbit book that she had as a child, a special keepsake.
 Her Aunt Molly's family went together and gave her a Pack and Play.
 A group photo: Larry, Dottie, Courtney, Ali, Eric, Vi, Mystique, Molly and Kathy.
 Diane and Mystique taking a selfie. Vi enjoyed looking at all the nice gifts she had received.
 Refreshment time.
 Larry and I had fun making the watermelon carriage and baby.

 My desert were these cute rattle cookies. They took a little time to ice, but I enjoyed creating every one.
I'm glad Mystique was surprised and enjoyed her shower. Then we had a "shower" for Ali and Larry.
Mystique had nominated them for the ALS ice bucket challenge, so the shower ended with Larry and Ali having a bucket of ice water dumped on them. I think Mystique and Eric enjoyed doing it a little too much! No dry clothes and only a small towel, they were so brave.

Monday, August 18, 2014


 We had gotten Lancaster Barnstormer tickets for Christmas, so Saturday night we asked Lynn and Jim if they would like to go with us to the game. It was a perfect night for a game, not too hot or too cold.
 Always good seats. The only thing you have to watch out for are left handed batters. Foul balls come our way, the man behind us caught one.( I was ducked down!) Larry caught some fun stuff. A barnstormer ball which he gave to the little boy in front of us and a whoopie pie, which I ate.

 Lancaster was winning all the game till the top of the ninth. But they were able to tie it up and it went into extra innings.
 but the eleventh inning did them in.
 There was just enough time for fireworks.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


We were able to extend our stay at PA Dutch till August 11. It is closer to Larry's mom then Circle M. She came home from the hospital under the care of Hospice and the agreement that someone stayed with her at all times. Larry's brother and his wife, who live close by, agreed to move in with her. We visit as often as possible.
We have had the car and RV inspected, I have had my physical and Larry has had many appointments for check ups at the VA. Our days are usually filled with some appointment.

   We have played golf several times since we have been back in PA. We enjoyed a game with Larry's sister Barb and her husband Tom at Evergreen. Tom showed us his new blue truck.
 One evening we went to the Mount Gretna Playhouse and saw a play. Then we enjoyed a Christmas in July sundae at the Jigger shop.
 Mystique is selling her home in York and moving back to her mother's farm.  They are adding an addition to the second floor.
 Eric and his brother putting on the roof. Eric has worked hard building the addition, along with Larry, Mystique's step dad.
 Eric and Mystique, six months pregnant.
 The first week in August I spent the week in Wildwood Crest  with Kathy, Lynn and Lynda.
 The water was great and Kathy and I went in swimming several times. I'm still able to body surf.
 Most of the days were sunny and we spent the day on the beach.
 We spent the evenings playing games. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable week.
Friday night was meet the players of the Hempfield football team.. Number 56 is our grandson,Brady. He is a senior this year and was chosen to be the team captain. We are so proud of him.