Saturday, September 27, 2014


 We saw on facebook that Sally and Jerry were doing an east coast trip and were at Hershey TT when we went to Branson. I was so glad they were still there when we returned and we got together for pickleball, lunch, and catching up. We met them in Palm Springs when we first started traveling, and we were able to visit them at their home in Washington when we went to Alaska, but missed them this year when we were west. It sure was nice seeing them.
 On September 19 we celebrated Bob's birthday at Shady Maple Smorgasbord ( it is free on your birthday, but worth a stop any time you are near) Happy Birthday Bob!
 On Sunday afternoon we went to Lancaster's Clipper stadium to see the Barnstormers play.
 We took Shannon and Mark to celebrate his birthday. We had front row seats.
 The Barnstormers won 9-0. Now to the playoffs.
 Wednesday night we went to the first game of the playoffs.
 The Barnstormer's mascot Cleo. We had a group of college guys behind us that must have been a part of a cheering group. They made the game fun. It was a good game and Barnstormers won by 2 runs.
 I had seen this program advertised on the TV. It was at the Giant Center in Hershey and the tickets were free. So Thursday night I went on line and got us two tickets. All tickets were general admission. The place was packed. Lots of students.
 We had great seats, at the back by the  U.S. Army Orchestra.
 A great opening.
 The U.S. Army Ceremonial Band.

 What an amazing performance, using bayonet-tipped rifles. Hours of practice, training and team work!
 I enjoyed the Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps performance.
 It was over a two hour program that traced the history of the Army from the Revolution to present day. It was an excellent show and glad we went.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The dormers are in, so now the interior walls can be worked on in Mystique's new residence. This is where we had a baby shower for Eric and Mystique.
 Family gathered for the shower under the gazebo. The weather was perfect.
 Mystique and Eric opened lots of gifts for the baby. Mystique's Aunt Barb gave her lots of cute things.
 My theme for this shower was diapers, so I made a diaper tyke
 and a diaper cake. I really had fun doing them.
 I knitted a pumpkin hat, since the baby is due the beginning of October.

 I got a beautiful hand embroidered crib quilt at the NOMAD auction.
Larry and I gave them a stroller which also is a  car seat.
 The party games were activities I put around where anyone could do them at anytime.
 There was lots of fun making a play dough baby.

So cute!
 There was lots of delicious food.
 Eric was kept busy cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken.
 And of course there had to be a cake for dessert.
 Mystique gave the kids a ride on Angel.
 The evening ended with a bonfire.
 It was a very enjoyable shower. Now we wait for the baby to be born in a few weeks.


 The 5th of September we left our RV at our rental property and drove the car to Branson, Missouri for the NOMADS annual meeting.  We stayed at Diamond Resorts the Suite at Fall Creek.
 Our suite was on the 4th floor of this building.
 A beautiful suite.
 A full kitchen and dining room.
 A big bedroom.
 I loved the jacuzzi in the bathroom.
 The annual meeting was held at the KOA, only 2 miles from where we were staying.
 There were 317 NOMADS attending. It is so great seeing people you have worked with over the years. A real big family reunion.
 A big part of the meeting is raising money to help some of the agencies we work with purchase supplies needed for their projects. $57,000 was made from the silent and live auctions. WOW!
 We took in a couple shows. We went to the comedy jamboree Monday afternoon.
 A nice clean show with these three funny guys.
 Lot of their skits involved audience participation. Larry was even on stage.
 Shoji is a great violinist and puts on a top rate show. Christina is his daughter and was expecting her first child any day.
 The bathrooms in the theater are famous. A beautiful ladies room
 the pool table in the men's room!
After a week away we are now back at Circle M in Millersville.