Thursday, September 4, 2014


 We have had good visits with all the family. We watched Brady's and Chase's football games, and had a nice picnic at Brian's. (Sorry I forgot to take my camera).
 Lynda had us to her house on Labor Day. We celebrated Pam's birthday. (in  pink) She is my son's girlfriend. Bob is sitting on the step.
 Tuesday evening we had a storm then a beautiful rainbow. It was even a double one.
 Today we moved to our rental property.  Yesterday a tree service came and cut down one tree and cut off all the damaged branches on the other trees. It was a hard winter on them.
  Some of the trees only have branches left on one side..
 This tree is beside the house and we were lucky when the branches broke off during the storms this winter and landed on the roof no damage was done.  We are blessed that we have good renters that took care of cleaning up the property until we were back and could hired a tree service.
We are leaving tomorrow and driving our car to Branson, Missouri for the NOMADS annual meeting, because we have a time share to stay at while we are there. The daughter of our tenant is going to watch Godiva for us while we are away. It is nice we have a place to park the RV.

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