Saturday, October 25, 2014


 We went to Iao Valley state park (middle of the little section of the island)
 Iao Needle served as a lookout point when Kamehameha defeated Maui's forces in a ferocious battle the ultimately changed the course of Hawaiian history and uniting the islands.
 We climbed up 133 steps from the parking lot to get to this lookout spot. We were lucky that the clouds hadn't covered it yet.
 We took a drive to the top of the big section of Maui to Pala Bay and watched the kite surfing at Hooipa Beach Park.
 This section of water was for the surf boarders.
 Look closely and you will see some crosses on the rocks in memory of surfers who have died.
 In Paia we ate lunch at the Fish Market. I had mahi and Larry had fish and chips, fresh and delicious.
 A little way north of where we were staying on route 30 is this park. It actually had a life guard.
 Sitting on the beach and the next thing you knew a wave came roaring up the sand and we had to move farther back. I enjoyed walking in the water but you had to watch for those waves, every once in awhile one would hit with force.
 After a while of enjoying the sun and surf we drove farther north (top down on the car) to Nakalele Point and the Blow hole,as the waves came in the force formed this geyser
 We turned around and drove back down route 30 for the road became too narrow and you were to drive it at your own risk. this part of the road was curvy and narrow enough!
 Glad there were some spots to pull off and look at the beautiful coastline and water.
 The last two days of our stay they were calling for Hurricane Ana to come ashore, but lucky for us it went further south and all we had was a little wind and rain. These surfers were enjoying the higher waves in Lahaina.
 We enjoyed watching them as we ate at the Lahaina Pizza Co. and enjoyed another beer from the Maui Brewing Co.
 A beautiful rainbow to end our stay in Maui. It has been a great vacation.

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