Friday, October 24, 2014


 Ulalena was a beautiful theatrical show telling Maui's creation and history mostly through dance.
 We went to the Royal Lahaina luau.
 We upgraded and were given a royal treatment, beautiful leis, upfront seating, and souvenir glasses from our drinks.
 It was a cloudy evening, even with a light rain, but still it made a unique sunset.
 Getting the pig out of the pit.
 Blowing of the conch.
 Lots  of beautiful dancing.
 Different cultures were represented in their native dancing. This group had lots of tattoos even on their faces (including the girls) and they made faces with bulging eyes and sticking out their tongue.
 There was always lots of hip movement!
 Those streaks are made from fire being twirled.
 Our last show was Kupanaha. It was a magic dinner theater. The meal was one of the best we had and the show was very interesting and amazing.
 Jodi shared about all the famous magicians who visited Maui in the early years of tourism,
 His wife was his assistant.
 He always left you saying "How did he do that ?" It was a very good show.
 When we went to church on Sunday they mentioned that here was a free Ukulele festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in the afternoon. Some of there members were at a workshop the day before and would be playing with Willie K. We arrived there in time to hear them.
 Willie K is really great and we enjoyed listening to him sing and play.

There were many different performers and we enjoyed them all.

 Roy Sakuma on the left had put on this festival since 1971.  He is an esteemed ukulele teacher.
 There was an art and craft show under the banyan tree in Lahaina on Saturday.
 It is one of the largest banyan tree in the US, It sure gives a lot of  much needed shade.
 I bought a print of this painting, the original was a little too pricey.
This artist was carving a tiki statue. Larry bought a small one with smiling eyes, so we brought a little Maui home with us.

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