Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 We left on October 5 at 8:40am from Philadelphia airport and flew to Dallas airport. We had just enough time to catch the sky tram to terminal B for our flight to Maui. After traveling for 13 hours we landed in Maui at 3:30pm. we were tired and hungry.
 Views from the plane as we came in for landing.  I think the road is route 30  we took it to get to our hotel, and the green fields in the picture below are sugar cane.

 This trip to Hawaii is why we bought the Diamond Resort sample program in February, it was the only place we really wanted to go to. We checked into the Ka'anapali Beach Club but our room were in the Shores next door. We had full use of both facilities.  We did have to do another presentation but resisted becoming owners!

The airport is at Kahului and the arrow points to where the resort is, so we had an hour drive.
 Our rental was a Volvo hardtop convertable, but it often was too hot with the top down.
We had a very  nice suite, our patio overlooked a very pretty courtyard.
 This is the pool at the Beach Club. It was very large and I enjoyed a dip or two in it.
 This is the beach outside the hotels, but we were told by someone not to go in here for there were safer beaches. There were warning signs about strong currents and rip tides.

 We kept having trouble getting our room key to work, so after the third time of being locked out they offered to upgrade our room for the second week. This time we  had an ocean view. This is what we saw when we looked out the window from our bed.
We had a great two weeks and more about our trip will follow.

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