Sunday, April 19, 2015


 Larry's son, Brian had bought our house from us 7 years ago. When we were home in October we mentioned we might look at a house in the area. They then suggested we take the house back for they wanted to buy an old historic home down the road. They were able to purchase that home and moved to it in November but kept watch over this house for us till we would be back in May.
 Will since we bought the house in Florida (see earlier post) we decided we better get back to PA before we went to Arkansas and get it on the market. We left Florida at 5:00 on March 23 and were home early in the morning on March 25. The house has great curb appeal from all the updates that Brian did to it, but a real estate agent told us we had to update the inside to make it sell able or take a big lose on it. So we started our own" NOMADS" project.
 We moved the washer and dryer from upstairs in the bathroom.
 Removed the double sinks from the top of the stairs and took off the door.
 Larry took the area the washer and dryer had been and prepared it for the new sink. The finished project looked great.
 He made a wall with a door into the bathroom.
 Finished the wall where the sinks had been and created a hall closet. Then with Stella's help the floor was laminated.
The washer and dryer was installed in the  mud room and a table was built for folding clothes. Brian  had this room built before they moved.
While Larry built I painted all the rooms - walls and  ceilings. The rooms upstairs have cathedral ceilings! I got them all finished thanks to Valerie coming and helping paint.
                                             We had a refrigerator installed.
I worked on getting the trim painted in all the rooms,
but I still need to paint the trim around the doors and all of the doors when we get back.
Our grandson painted the garage.
We had the house pretty well finished and  rented when we left on April 15th for Arkansas.
We worked almost everyday but we did take a few breaks to visit our new granddaughter and her family. And we enjoyed Easter at my sister's along with Bob and Pam.


On March 12 Larry's son, Mark and his friend Danielle flew down to visit us for a few days in Florida. It was his first time to fly and his first trip to Florida.
 We spent one day at Epcot. It was during the flower show.
 We enjoyed some rides and seeing some of the shows at the different nations.

Before they left we enjoyed a day at Siesta Beach. They were only here for 4 nights and three days but we enjoyed showing them as much as we could during that time. And we were glad they had some warm weather.