Sunday, May 3, 2015


 There were big going-ons in Downtown Conway this weekend, Toad Suck Daze! It is a fun family oriented festival held the first weekend in May since 1981. Admission and parking was free, but you had to buy Toad Bucks to purchase food and ride the amusements. The money raised is used for scholarships and early childhood education.
 All about the event is painted on the side of this building. There were lots of events.
 Toad Suck Square in the enter of town.
 While you may have been watching the Kentucky Derby we were watching toad races. One group of children lined up to race their toads. They were encouraged to bring their own toad, but they had some available in the "stable".
 The toad had to stay in their own lane, not easy.
After many races the title of "World's Fastest Toad" is given to the winner, along with a trophy.
 There were lots of activities for children to have fun doing.
 This entertainment tent had shows for the kids all day long. There were also pony rides, merry- go-round and other amusement rides for the children.
 But it wasn't all for the children, there was a big assortment of adult rides,  Another tent where bands performed with  all day and into the evening. And of course lots of vendors and food.
Sunday afternoon David, Jean and Ruth went with us to experience Toad Suck Daze. It is quite an event.

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