Monday, June 15, 2015


 We left Conway, Arkansas May 13 and headed to Red Bay, Alabama to have our ice maker replaced. We had to park across the street at McKinney RV campground. Full hookup and only $20.00 a night. It was a fast repair and we were on our way to Pennsylvania the next day.
 On Memorial Day we had a picnic with Mark, Danielle, her daughter and my sister Lynda.
 Our grandson, Brady received The Fasnacht Family Education  Award. He is going to go to Millersville University and wants to be a History teacher.
 Brady and the teacher that presented the award to Brady. Both of her parents were teachers for a combined total of 57 years, and it is in there honor the award is given.

 Brady leaving for graduation.
 Chase, Brady's brother, shows off his new guitar skills to his dad. He will start high school in
There were over 500 in  Hempfield graduating class. The ceremony was held at F&M's auditorium. We are so proud of him and were glad we were able to go to his graduation.
 Ashtyn  is sure  growing up. She is crawling and she loves to stand, it wont be long before she is walking. Mystique and Eric are great parents.
 Taking a little rest on grandpa.
We celebrated Lynda's birthday at Shady Maple smorgasbord. Always glad when we get together.

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