Monday, June 15, 2015


 We cleaned out the garage where we have stored our belongings for the pass 10 years. We threw out some, gave some to Goodwill and still filled a 16 foot Penske truck. We had the truck loaded and left for Florida right after Brady's graduation.
 We made it to our new home in Clermont in two days. Now to unload the truck.
 We knew Sharon and Joe were leaving most of the furniture, pictures and curtains. We didn't know they were going to leave us a lot of their belongings. The kitchen was well stocked with spices,
a  blender, toaster, choppers, knives, frying pans and even some food.
 Lots of glasses, dinner plates, and silverware.
 There were containers of all shape and sizes. and then I had to unpack all my boxes of glasses, china, utensils, pans, and containers.
 On Monday night eating pizza I broke a tooth. I was glad I could get an appointment at Bella Bella Dentistry and get a crown put on by Friday. They belong to my dental insurance plan so they may be our new dentist.
 My china and glassware combined with some of the things that were left filled this cabinet.
 Luckily I have lots of cabinets to use.

All the books in the bookcases by the TV were left. (over 100), so I boxed them all up and brought them back to PA to share with family and friends.

I put out the books I had brought and some souvenirs from our travels.We had Direct TV come and installed wireless receivers and a new satellite dish. It took him almost all day. While he was working on that we had ADT security alarms put in.
 We made the spare bedroom to be the office also. Larry worked on getting it all fixed up. We put a new TV in this room.
 Since we needed to buy a bed for the spare room We got a new mattress for our bedroom.
 And put that mattress in the guest room.  We are ready for you to come and visit.
 New lamps for our bedroom
 and a new TV.  My great grandfather's desk fit perfectly in the room beside our bedroom. I am going to enjoy fixing up that room later.
We cleaned out these cabinets and Larry fixed up the garage. What a week! What a last few months! We left on Saturday and drove the truck back home. I am ready for some months of no painting or packing, but sure look forward to being back here in November.


  1. Looks great.Really like the kitchen

  2. You have a wonderful home, you are very blessed to be able to decorate and re-arrange your home as you please. It really looks great and my husband and I love your kitchen setup. We are also looking to re decorate our place after it has been dormant for several years. Just had my father come out to assist us.

    Kourtney Heard @ Hansen Adkins