Friday, July 24, 2015


 The first two weekends of July Mark and Danielle set up their tent and camped with us.
 My sister was up for the 4th of July. Friday we went to see Joseph at Sight and Sound and then on the 4th we celebrated with a night at The Buck for  demolition derby and fireworks.
 We babysat Ashtyn for two nights. We were able to find a good highchair at a children's thrift store.
 Now that we were experienced babysitters we watched Ashtyn and Alivia Friday night, because Mystique and Eric both had to go to work. Eric just got hired at the prison so he has six weeks of training. Saturday afternoon they came and enjoyed time at the water park at Circle M.

 Aliva loved this slide.
 Mystique going across the pods
 Eric had a little harder time. While his daughter,Alivia cheered him on.She has to wait for a few years till she is older and taller.
 Eric made it down a lot faster on this slide then in the children's slide with his daughter.

 Ashtyn wasn't sure of what to make of it all, next year!
 On Sunday we took Chase, our grandson, to Gettysburg Farm for four days. He had never been to Gettysburg. It is funny  that when you live close to famous places you never go.
 We toured some of the museums learning a lot about the battle and how it effected the people in the town.
 Then we did the auto tour of the battlefield using an ipad that showed and told  us about the battle at each stop.
 Chase had done a report on General Lee so he had to take a picture the Virginia monument.
 Grandpa and Chase on top of Devil's Den.  Chase climbed all over these rocks, those are some big rocks.
 After two days of touring Gettysburg in high humidity and heat we took a break and went over to Mystique's so Chase could ride a horse for the first time.
 He rode around the ring
 and then around the property. Watch out for the pine trees Chase, remember to duck.
 Mystique gave Ashtyn a little ride. I think Ashtyn looks cute in my hat, at least she was in some shade.
 Larry rode around a little, notice Mystique and Larry are riding bareback.
Later that day they all came over to the campground, only 15 miles away, and went swimming. We sure have enjoyed visiting with our children and grandchildren.

 We moved to Hershey Thousand Trails on Thursday and my sister came up for the weekend. Saturday night we went to Mt Gretna for the play Girls Night Out, the Musical. They had a nice affair before the play with wine, finger food and vendors selling things of interest to women.
 We enjoyed the play, lots of laughs and music. A cast of five women.
Sure great to have a sister to have a girls night out with. Looking forward to a girls week at the shore with her the first week of August.