Sunday, August 16, 2015


 The first week of August is my girls week at Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. Next to me is my friend Kathy from college, then my sister and on the end is Lynn a teacher who taught with Kathy. Kathy and I spent time in the ocean each day. It was warm but a little rough.
 Friday was rainy so Kathy and I worked on a puzzle. We also went over to Cape May and strolled the boardwalk in Wildwood. We had a very enjoyable week together,
 Sunday, August 9th, Ashtyn was baptisted at Hempfield UMC.
 The knitting group at the church made this lovely baby blanket for her. We thank whoever made it for all the prayers, love and time they put into making it.
 Our prayer for Ashtyn and a little rememberance of her baptism.
 We went to Brian's house for a family gathering afterwards. One of the few times we have had all of Larry's children together. Left of Larry is Brian, and to his right Mystique and Mark.
 Wednesday I went over to Mystique's with her grandmother to help can peaches. This was the first time I had canned.
 We canned up three baskets of peaches. Mystique's mom did all the canning and made the light syrup, while we peeled and sliced the peaches and  prepared the jars, We had a good operation going.
The peaches I had picked were not quite ripe enough so I canned them myself a few days later. My first time solo. 6 quarts ready for peach pie this winter.