Sunday, September 6, 2015


 Tuesday we had an early morning appointment at Stoltzfus RV in West Chester to get new steps installed. Our steps were not going in and out. Larry called the company and tried to repair them himself but they finally agreed to replace the whole step system.  Since we were camped at Hershey Thousand Trails it meant leaving real early in the morning, so I left Monday night and took the car to visit my sisters. Larry couldn't find the cat in the RV when he arrived at Stoltzfus to take her out with him, so when the repairman opened the door to check the steps Godiva ran out. Everyone searched for her for awhile but with no success.
 I checked in with Stoltzfus RV on the way home from my sisters on Wednesday, but Godiva still hadn't been seen. My son used Face book to get the word out at Lost Pets in Chester County and he made some posters to be put up at stores in the area. Godiva has a microchip and part of Home Again, so they were also notified and contacted all the shelters and vets in a 25 mile radius.
 Earlier this summer Larry had replaced the light in my sister's kitchen. Since it was smaller then the previous one the ceiling needed painting.
  I painted the ceiling while I visited her. It took two coats of white to cover the blue.
 On Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday we babysat Ashtyn. She is walking up a storm now.
Playing with the mail that was trash that Grandpa threw on the floor was great entertainment.
On Saturday we decided to go to Stoltzfus and spend the day there looking for her. When we arrived we were told she had been seen around the grounds a couple of times. They had a humane trap out and some food but had not caught her. We spent the day walking around the acres of RV's calling her. We told some of the customers that were looking at RV's about her being lost. At the end of the day a dealer rushed up to us on his cart saying they have your cat. A mother and her two daughters heard her meowing and she came out from under an RV. Luckily Godiva has the harness on her so they were able to hold her for us till we got there. We are all glad to be reunited and she is back home safe and sound. What a week!

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