Tuesday, September 22, 2015


On Sunday afternoon we left Lancaster headed to Michigan for the NOMADS annual meeting. We decided to get on the turnpike to head west. The last time we traveled the turnpike with the RV we couldn't understand why we didn't get a ticket when we got on. Stopping at the next exit we found  out it read our E-Z Pass on the tow car. In Florida the Sunpass does not work for our RV when it is on the car, so we were surprised.
When we entered Ohio and went on to the turnpike we received a ticket, so we got off at the next exit to explain that we had E-Z pass and that it hadn't read it for the RV since it was on our tow car.  They told us it had to be on the RV and had us move it, fixed the toll and helped us make a U-turn back onto the turnpike. Lesson learned to keep it on the RV. WE are now enjoying a few days in Ohio and will be at Kalamazoo on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing all our NOMADS friends.

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