Friday, November 20, 2015


 Our church had a health and wellness expo one morning so we stopped in. You registered when you went in for a door prize  Soon after we arrived my name was called for this cute bear and a gift card for Target. I also got my flu shot.
 The Clermont Community Center is pretty new but we never went to it last year.
 Last Saturday we went to see Menopause. It was a great show, very enjoyable and well done. Larry felt a little out numbered, for there were only about ten men at the show, but he liked the show .
 I saw this on facebook and I had to make one for Ashtyn and Alivia. A felt tree they can hang on the wall and have fun decorating. I enjoyed making it and it got me thinking about Christmas.


 At Hudson's furniture store I found a lovely curio cabinet on sale It is perfect for some of the family antiques.

 I wanted to add a little color to this room so I'm back to painting
 Needed a dresser for the guest bedroom and found this on Greg's list.
 Also painted a wall in this room.
 Found that Goodwill is a great place to get pictures at a very cheap price.
 Even found a nice set of new silverware for only $5.00
 My picture from Maui is framed and now hanging in the bathroom.
We are getting settled into our house and enjoying making it our home.